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                      Superb Singing Surprised One & All

                                                                                                       by Jasbir (Jas) Chahal


Nobody knew him. Just a moderate size singing program and now, he has become the talk of the town within a few days. Yes, I am talking about Rajbir Singh, a high caliber Ghazal singer who got such a resonance in his voice that anybody would like to hear him singing time and again. He was the star artist of “Shaam-e-Ghazal”, an exclusive program organized by Sarb Akal Music Society of Calgary on October 20, 2018 at COSO hall in Calgary.


It will not be out of place to say that Sarb Akal was fortunate enough to find a diamond hidden from the eyes of the world as it was buried in the soil of worldly burdens. Rajbir Singh belongs to Agra gharana of Indian Classical Music and is the disciple of legendary  Padmashri   Ustad S. Sohan Singh, a very well known vocalist of India.  The mighty wheel of Time never allowed Rajbir to follow his passion for the music and got him trapped in an unending trail of worldly unfortunate happenings since his youth days. But now, after many years, he is all for his passion and consequently we have a singer of high stature who is equally good as a composer too.


Almost all the ghazals he sang were composed beautifully by him in various classical ragas such as Raga Hemant, Rageshwari, Darbari, Peelu, Sham Kalyan, Bageshri and Jog. Poet Jigar Jalandhari’s ghazal “Dil mera le ke mujhe aap dagah dete hain” composed by him in Raga Peelu was one of the best which just mesmerized me. It was a par-excellence presentation as powerful accompaniment by Miss Reshma Pandit was captivating. Reshma Pandit’s magnificent accompaniment, who at her tender age of mid-twenties is already a world famous Tabla player and a shining star, was much more than an icing on the cake. The ghazal renderings were catapulted to new heights with the magical dancing of Reshma’s fingers on Tabla and thus creating a heart-thumping rhythmic beat which kept the audience mystified. Nitin Atri from Edmonton was a perfect accompany artist on the Harmonium. His excellent performance was a statement to all that the youth of today can very well excel in this kind of clean music, provided he/she gets the support of family and friends.


This house full show was a validation of the fact that a neat and clean singing/music is a pure joy for everybody and a food for the soul. On repeated demands of the great audience, the show which was planned for two hours had to be continued for three hours. Shakeel Chughtai did a good job as MC for this program. The lively audience who gave a standing ovation to the artists was glad to know that these great artists will be in Calgary for a while. Reshma will be holding workshop in next few days to teach the intricacies of Tabla playing to those who really want to take their art to next level. Rajbir Singh is available at ‘Academy of Indian Classical Music’ to teach vocal music to the students of any age who show their aptitude for the same. For more information please call 403-701-1760/403-826-1195